Our wedding was absolutely fabulous!
And now we are lounging around the house, as much as any happy couple with two toddlers can do.
My favorite part about the whole thing is the new gadgets I have to play around with in the kitchen now!!
The first of which being this pressure cooker from Crock Pot. You may know it by it’s popular competitor, the Instant Pot, but both the Instant Pot and Crock Pot Express work in the same way, a multi-tool cooker that has the ability to quickly cook delicious meals by pressure!
What is pressure cooking?
Pressure cooking is the ability to cook foods in a tightly sealed container, using the built up steam to create pressure and raise the temperature past that of traditional devices. You see, steam can only reach a certain temperature under normal (vented) circumstances, like that inside a traditional slow cooker. But with a pressure cooker, the steam is locked inside the vessule to utilize the built up pressure to raise the temperature beyond what it is normally capable of.
It sounds super scary, and honestly, upon opening my crockpot express, I was SUPER intimidated. There was a slew of buttons, a bunch of i structions for many settings, and overall, it felt like there were too many “rules.”
But after having so many friends rave about their Instant Pots, I decided to dive in tonight and give it a whirl regardless.
Im starting small with some slow cooked bourbon apple pork chops. Im not ready to explode my pot yet (though thank goodness crock pot built in amazing safety features like the fact that it wont pressurize if its not locked and in place correctly). The only thing tou might mess up, is burning your hand when you release the pressure, if you dont follow directions. But thats about as smart as sticking your hand over a boiling pot of water… just dont do it.

It came with a bunch of really useful accessories, like a trivet, and a rice paddle (unsure if Instant Pot comes with those). And a super yummy looking cook book! So even if you have NO IDEA what you are doing like I do, there’s some content to get you started (and it’s good stuff!! I feel like Juilia Childs yall!)
The best thing about the Crock Pot Express over the Instant Pot that I can tell is the non stick surface of the pot. I know some people hate that (yes dont use your metal utensils) but I am ALL ABOUT CONVENIENCE and EASE OF CLEANING. So an easy to wipe, dishwasher safe vessel was a must for me!!
Overall Im excited to try it, and I cant wait to report back the results!!
If you have a favorite pressure cooker recipe, leave it in the comments so I can try it!!
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