In total honesty, I had every intention of writing this review back in February when we initially tried Sun Basket.
Then life just took hold (Mom’s of littles, you know what I mean) and we ended up going back to HelloFresh, that it just kept getting pushed to the back burner.
Let’s start with what I liked….

The food came nicely packaged inside the carton. It was fresh. The cold stuff was on ice. And it was all recyclable- BIG WIN for the environment.

The food was SUPER CUTE, I mean how cute are these condiments??!! LOL
And not to mention the quality was good- everyone loves (or should love) Primal Kitchen, an awesome organic based company, and fresh! (Um hellooo fresh pasta?! YUM!)

But looks & cuteness alone cant put together a meal that your spouse and kids will eat….
While the recipes had better nutrition than Hellofresh, they ultimately tasted gross. Of the 3 recipes we chose, we hated all 3… like inedible hated. Like we ordered a pizza instead.
Try getting your toddler to eat chard or capers.
Think I’m pushing it?? Try getting your spouse to eat them. I bet he wont either LOL.

While the booklet that came with it was nice, AND they gave you EVERY recipe of the week even if you didn’t order that meal (a perk over HelloFresh who only gives you the recipes for the 3 meals you order) we found ourselves missing the simplicity of the oversized recipe cards that HelloFresh included.
AND, for the ladies who LOVE when their hubby helps out from time to time- yeah they wont be able to figure this one out. Alan tried to make dinner one night to help me out, and the “4 easy steps” had mini steps in each, so each meal was really like 16 complicated steps.
Soooo not for the faint of heart.

While I wouldnt say we are foodies, we do appreciate a wide array of food, but even this was too much. They recipes were odd, like trying TOO hard to appeal to foodies, that they ended up just being yucky.
So Mom’s do yourself a favor, and skip the Sunbasket delivery service. While the premise is great, the packaging was awesome, and the quality was good- this is food that your kids (if they’re average Joe’s and enjoy hot dogs and mac n cheese) definitely wont eat.
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