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  • Differentiating in your Direct Sales Business
    This post has been a long time coming- but I didnt realize until today (on a long car ride of course) that it was in my brain. These last 6 months between Coronavirus, unemployment, Stimulus checks, and overall uncertainty around the globe— made noticeable some blaring red flags in my existing business. …and that is, that I had all my eggs in one basket. Now, let me preface that with- there is NOTHING wrong with being ”all in” for your biz. It’s your baby, and you totally should be! I absolutely LOVE my customers, hostesses, and especially my team. We’ve […]

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  • Hashtag Strategies to Help Small Accounts Grow on Social Media
    Hashtags have become the buzzword of social media in the last decade. But how do you know which ones to use & when to use them??

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  • Reflections
    What do you do when you feel like such a fake? My first few months as a Full Time “influencer”….

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I’m a Nerd at Heart.

Meet Kelsey Egan, a seasoned social media strategist and digital marketer with 20+ years of experience. Her tech-savvy nature and snappy business intuition give her a unique perspective, enabling her to spot opportunities others may miss.
As a dedicated mother and successful mompreneur, Kelsey understands the challenges of work-life balance and is committed to empowering others to earn from home.

With her organic social media strategies, she has helped numerous small business owners boost their visibility, attract new customers, and generate revenue. From small business owners to fellow mompreneurs, Kelsey has the expertise to help you reach your goals.

Visioneer [noun]: Someone with the innate abilities to take a nonexistent idea, concept, or dream and turn it into reality.
An engineer of vision.

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