Hot Mess with Grace: How to Show Up Online like a PRO

Are you tired of little to no results online?

Do you dream of earning an income from your social channels?

Have you ever looked at other influencers/businesses and wondered “How do they do it??”

Showing up online consistently is hard enough,
Then add in showing up PROFESSIONALLY,
and you’ve got a whole lot of overwhelm.

Kelsey Egan of Hot Mess with Grace,
Your digital Marketing BFF

Hi, my name is Kelsey
and I’ve been scaling online since before Instagram was a social media platform 🤯

(no really, I used to use it back when it was just a fun photo filter app)

I’ve been using organic growth methods to scale many businesses online over the last 10 years.

From fashion to food & beverage,
I’ve learned what to do online…
And more importantly,
What NOT to do. 😅🥸

But how does this effect YOU?

Keep reading IF: 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

• You’ve ever wanted to work in influencer or affiliate marketing…

• You have an existing business, but don’t quite know how to show up online with it…

• You’ve been showing up online, but all you’ve run into is a whole lot of crickets

• You have an idea for an awesome channel, but have no idea how to get the ball rolling…


After months and months of questions from many of you, such as:

• “How did you get started in affiliate marketing?”

• “I’m posting consistently but nobody is liking or commenting, what do I do to get engagement?”

• “I keep making reels/tiktoks but I am not getting any followers, what am I doing wrong?”

• “I’m sharing how to use my products, but nobody is buying. What’s the secret?”

I’m bundling up my entire brain,
and launching my first ever course! 🥳

🚀 Launching 7/21/22 🚀

This idea started as a passion project when a friend sent me a photo they were considering posting on their channel.

They were so proud of their carefully mastered photo.
The background was just right,
the filters and editing were on point,
the lighting was superb…

But all I could see
was the bright red chipped nail with 2 weeks of growth at the cuticle.

I knew in that moment,

What was common sense to me…

Was not, to everyone else.

and I wanted to help in a BIG way.

🚀 Launching 7/21/22 🚀

This Course Will Include:

How to define your brand, & really get down to the nitty gritty of WHO you want as your raving super fans

• How to shift from small thinking to BIG thinking and how to make moves that matter on those BIG DREAMS.

• How to optimize your channels for ultimate SEO results. Did you know that your channel is ranking on Google RIGHT NOW? 😳 What you’ve up got there MATTERS.

How to take photos that look as good as the pros that you’ve been admiring for so long!! We’ll talk lighting, angles, framing, filters, poses, and more

• How to create reels and tiktoks that get the views that your channel deserves.

• The secrets to creating super sharable graphics that maximize your brand’s exposure. Think graphics are dead? Think again!

. How to create an endless stream of content that is fresh, fun, and gets results… without burning yourself out, or feeling like you have to constantly be “working.”

How to “show up” online and speak with authority and grace. Believe it or not, but WHAT you say online, matters just as much as what you post online.

How the pros look so put together online, and how you can easily recreate the look and elevate your brand instantly with just a few clicks.

PLUS, my personal toolbox of apps and software that will make your life 10,000% easier!

🚀 Launching 7/21/22 🚀

But What if…..

➡️ It doesn’t work:

As with anything on the internet,
I can’t guarantee results.

Social media changes constantly,
and each day is different.

BUT — what I can promise you,

is that if you start implementing the things you’ll learn in this course,

EVEN IF you have no followers, or prior experience,

You WILL begin to see your account grow,

And you WILL begin to see people taking your business more seriously.

➡️ There are thousands of others doing EXACTLY what I am doing:

I am going to show you EXACTLY how to stand out from the sea of others doing exactly what you are doing. You’ll shift your mindset from competition, to camaraderie… and begin cheering them on! Even IF you do/sell/say the exact same things!

➡️ I don’t know what I want to do/say/be online:

That’s OK! This course will help you clarify not only who you WANT to be online, but who you are meant to be.

There’s 100% a reason that there is only 1 YOU on this planet & this course will help you identify and embrace that badass rockstar inside of you.
And enable you to show up as that person for your business.

🚀 Launching 7/21/22 🚀

➡️ I don’t have professional equipment:

We’re going to bust some myths on what you actually “need” as a small business owner.
And I’ll share some free and low cost alternatives to get the results you want,
without the giant corporate budget.

➡️ I’m afraid my friends and family will think I’m “cringe”:

Nobody wants to be see as “that person.”
By the end of this course,
You will be showing up so professionally online,
that your friends and family will be asking YOU for advice! 💕

➡️ I’ve purchased other courses in the past and they didn’t work:

I’ve been there before. Actually, I’ve been there A LOT of times.
I’m the person that purchases courses and never “gets around to them.” 🙈

And that’s where my course is different.

I’m in the weeds with you,
working along side of you,
toiling in the dirt and just doing my thing too.

I’m living these tips and tricks day in and day out. Scaling my brand, and the brands of many others, each and every day.

I know what it’s like to spend hundreds (sometimes thousands) on courses that get mediocre results.

And that’s what drives me to create an affordable solution that helps you show up as the best you,

and keeps your business funds right where you need them,

in your business.

🚀 Launching 7/21/22 🚀

And as a bonus….

You’ll also receive access to:

• My handy dandy digital content planner that allows you to see the year at a glance, and dive in to each day of the week, to create a cohesive social strategy in minutes!

• My list of 101 Reel ideas for the days that I am stuck!! All you have to do is find a trending audio (which you’ll learn what to look for in this course), and film your content based on the prompt & your niche!

My personal copy templates that will help you draft badass captions, every. single. time.

• My 101 “problems to solve” list that will help you talk about your products/service in a NON spammy way that gets the sales results you want.

🚀 Launching 7/21/22 🚀