Weekly Social Media Tracker


A printable Weekly Social Media Tracker for small business owners to track their consistency in showing up on Facebook & Instagram. As well as space to organize collabs & follow ups.



This downloadable weekly social media tracker is designed for those who are personally doing the marketing, posting, and copy of their own social media channels.

It is geared towards those in direct sales, network marketing, social selling, small business, influencing, etc. who need an organized space for daily/weekly accountability on Instagram & Facebook.
It’s focus is to create an easy to find place for follow ups & collaborations, as well as your weekly to-do lists.
Daily consistency leads to years of consistency: that can land more clients, sales, and deals.

Non-dated, this planner can be printed week after week for year round use.

For personally/team branded products, please email
For group use/redistribution please purchase a group licensed product here.

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