GROUP Instagram Quick Wins Checklist


A printable Instagram Checklist for GROUP/TEAM use.



This downloadable quick wins checklist is designed for those who are newer to Instagram- who could use a walk thru the basics, or a refresher to make sure they’ve done “all the things right.”

It is geared towards those in direct sales, network marketing, social selling, small business, etc in order to better maximize their organic reach to drive sales and traffic.

With small actionable tasks, this check list is designed to give the average user a handful of “quick wins” that enables them to take upgrading their Instagram profile in to their own hands.
● How to capture your audience in your bio
● My secret to finding the most impactful hashtags
● How to work smarter not harder on Reels
● The #1 mistake I see most Instagrammers make

& so much more!

Please Note:
The average user may find it beneficial, but there are elements that are sales focused.

For personally/team branded products or to schedule an accompanying social media training for your team, please email [email protected]
To read more about the group use, please visit our terms & conditions here.

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