Flamingo Wine Glass Charms


  • Set of 6 wine glass charms/ identifiers/ recognizers
  • Elegant flamingo design adds a delicate and unique touch to your stemmed wine glasses
  • Perfect for tiki parties, office parties, ladies night, wine tasting
  • Includes 6 unique flamingoes to keep cocktails and drinks recognizable
  • Simple clasp design with hook and eye makes adding these wine glass charms to stem glasses easy
  • Great for gifting: secret santa, office party, gift exchange, wine lover, party favors, bachelorette party



These wine glass charms were designed with love by Hot Mess with Grace, a women owned small business in the United States. Kelsey is a busy Mom of 2 who always wanted to “look the part” when hosting parties and events, but never had the time because she was too busy chasing her kids around. These wine charms were crafted with you in mind, to help you look the part at your parties and events, and really “WOW” your guests.

Who is this wine charm made for? These stem wine glass charms are for any wine lover or host/ hostess who wants an easy and fun way to identify cocktails at parties and summer gatherings.

What is it made out of? These drink charms are made out of non-precious materials. Some tarnishing over time is expected.

Where should I use it? Use these glass charms on stemmed wine glasses or on the handle of mugs, mason jars, moscow mule cups, etc.

Why should I use this glass charm? Cocktail identifiers are used so that there are no mix ups over who’s glass is who’s.

How do I clean this wine glass charm? Glass charms should be removed from wine glasses prior to washing the glasses, and can be wiped down with a dry cloth before storing for later use.


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