Being immune suppressed isn’t as bad as it might seem on the outside.  I spent my first year being hyper vigilant and scared of pretty much everything.  I avoided sick people like the plague, wore masks on airplanes like a then weirdo, and always kept a stash of hand sanitizer on hand. 

Then insert COVID as I rounded into year two.  THAT was a treat lol.  Imagine the COVID that you experienced, but then add in dozens of articles from various MS organizations, drug manufacturers, etc. that said you were 80% more likely to end up in the ICU on a ventilator.  Yeah – We avoided everyone and everything like the plague, literally.

But what I’ve come to learn is:

  • Yes– I am more likely to get sick/ catch what’s going around.
  • Yes– I am more likely to have it “worse” than you…. AKA my kids have a cold & I kiss them goodnight, then I get bronchitis.
  • No– It’s not always in my mind. I DO forget about it. I behave the way I’ve always behaved. Like a “regular” person.

Everyone always asks me if it’s constricting living immune suppressed.

Essentially, “Don’t you live in a bubble?”  And I would say I am more vigilant than the average person, but honestly – I forget I’m immune-suppressed most of the time.

My treatments are twice a year. And yeah, those days and weeks surrounding that can suck.  But in general I forget about it, and continue living my life the way that I want.  I plan to have a lot of years ahead of me, and there are so many places I want to see and explore – I don’t have time to live in a bubble.

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HOWEVER, all this to say that this post started with a toothbrush.

Lol Yes- a Toothbrush…

Did you know that it is good practice to throw your toothbrush out after EVERY time you are ill? 

I mean, it makes sense right? It’s covered with germs. Unless you’re sanitizing it in your dishwasher (which, does anybody know- is that a THING??!! Let me know!)
So why would you stick it back into your mouth after you have recovered from being ill??

And this little household object, THAT’S my trigger for the reminder that I am immune-suppressed. Because there’s my toothbrush just hanging out in the purple  “Till Death Do Us Party: Kelsey’s Bachelorette Weekend 2018” cup on the sink. Right next to my husband’s blue toothbrush. Maybe touching, maybe not.

And in this way, I probably caught his COVID last year.
In this way, I probably caught his norovirus two weeks ago.

Our toothbrushes just hanging out propped this way and that, like spring flowers after an overly windy day, just sharing their germs. 

Most people would not even take notice of such a small tiny detail in their day to day.

But there it is for me. A reminder that I should buy a proper holder, that doesn’t let our toothbrushes touch… adding to my never ending list of to do’s. 

No just kidding- you know what I was going to say lol. 

There it is…. I’m Immune-Suppressed, I should be more careful.
(Insert self deprecating guilt.)

These are the random thoughts that go through an immune suppressed person’s head…
And if that’s you; What are your triggers?! Do you forget until you see this thing? 
Let me know in the comments!!