For those of you who are Instant Pot/Crock Pot Express users, you know the humor in that statement.
Tonight I made mashed potatoes for the first time in my Crock Pot Express and man was it scary! Haha!
It was easy, don’t get me wrong:

Peel 5 potatoes

Quarter the potatoes

Add water to just cover the top of the potatoes, and salt

Cook on the steam setting for 8 minutes

Release the Pressure

Drain (leave a little water because its starchy and tasty!)

Add butter (we like 2 sticks haha) and sour cream and VOILA!
Seriously, it really was that easy.
But here was the kicker. As soon as it got to pressure it started steaming and hissing put the top. (Yes my valve was closed) but I had NO IDEA that the little button on the handle did that (thanks Crock Pot, neither do your directions, and neither did google searches. They all explained how to replace or clean the thingy- which I learned is called the bobber valve). BUT, the good news is that is normal- so never fear!
As long as the steam isn’t coming out of the side, you locked it and pressurized it right.
Then the scarier part was releasing the pressure for a quick release!!
Holy moly!
Okay, so DONT put your face over the valve or you might get a special facial.
Also, be sure to use something to turn it. Crock Pot suggested a kitchen tool, I don’t know that meant, so I used a mitted hand really quuckly. I did not get burned, even if that’s an Instant Pot faux pas.
Also, that thing kicked off like a steamy geyser! Now I know some water spitting out is normal, but it was more than I anticipated. Im glad I moved it to under my range hood on my stove and turned on the fan. (I see why they say DONT DO IT UNDER YOUR CABINETS!)
After a few minutes it was done and I was able to open it up for perfectly cooked potatoes.
So Mama’s if you are like me or this is your first time, dont worry! You’ll get through it! I am here for you!! Haha!

Share your favorite Instant Pot/Crock Pot Express Stories in the comments or some of your favorite recipes!
I feel like I can conquer the world now!!#CrockPotExpress