I started Hot Mess with Grace because motherhood wasn’t all that pop culture said it would be.

The sun wasn’t streaming in gently to our nursery, where my husband and I walked in all refreshed looking, to our smiling well rested baby.

It was more blackout curtains pulled with pillows over our heads because both of us got broken sleep at 2 hour intervals and we’re currently playing nose goes over who gets to get up with our baby, whom also didn’t sleep well and was currently screaming her head off….

Oh right. That’s the reality that tv, books, and movies don’t prepare us for.

That’s why you’re here.

Along the way, I realized we’re all just Hot Messes doing the best we can.

Just trying to do ourHot Mess with Grace.

My mission is to bring a safe space and resources to Mom’s everywhere.

Whether you need a recipe, a trusted review from a real live human, a little reassurance that you’re doing a GREAT job, or maybe a little something more; like an extra hand managing the social for your small business.

Sis, you’ve found the right place.

Around here, Hot Mess is the only way we roll.

Welcome. 💕

Kelsey is a mother of two, living by the shore in New England. She’s spent the last 15 years in the sales industry: both in brick and mortar stores, as well as in the e-commerce space.

When she is not busy running one of her businesses, you can find her putzing around her gardens with kids, chickens, and a black lab in tow.

She’s an advocate for Multiple Sclerosis patients around the globe, as well as an avid dreamer for better days ahead.

“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow.”

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