Are you ready to take your business presence on Instagram to the next level? Have you been wanting to try out Instagram Reels, but weren’t sure where to start? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! As a social media strategist and keen observer of digital trends, I know how powerful Instagram can be for small business owners and work from home moms alike. Having worked with dozens of clients who are looking to increase their online engagement through creative videos and content, I’m here today with 10 tips just for getting started with Instagram Reels – so get ready for your best video yet!

1. Know why you want to use Reels – Start by understanding why you want to create content for this platform and how it fits into your overall strategy.

2. Choose high-quality visuals – Visuals should be clear and engaging, so make sure the quality is good.

3. Have a hook – Your first few seconds are important, so have a hook that will grab your audience’s attention!

4. Tell a story – Reels give you the ability to tell stories in a creative way, so use that to your advantage!

5. Cutouts & transitions – Use cutouts and transitions to keep your audience engaged and create flow in your Reel.

6. Captions & soundtracks – Captions can help draw viewers in, while soundtracks set the mood and add emotion to your Reel.

7. Be consistent – Be consistent with your content and stay true to who you are on social media and beyond!

8. Utilize hashtags – Hashtags are key for helping people find your content, so don’t forget to add them in each of your posts!

9 Add calls to action – Think about the type of engagement you want from viewers, then include CTA’s throughout the video accordingly!

10 Use creative tools – Get creative with special effects or even animation within Reels by using various tools available on the platform!

With Instagram Reels, you can quickly and easily create engaging video content to expand your reach and increase engagement with minimal effort. Trust me — The longer you wait to get involved in this new content format, the more of a competitive advantage you’ll be missing out on. I had access to it when it first launched in 2020 and my channel could have been seen by thousands of individuals because it was not available to the masses yet. I had the white whale in the sea of fish… and I wrote it off!!! Don’t be me. Use the tools given to you (always!!) so that you can maximize your potential and compete- even kick the booty, of the big channels and companies out there. Reels level the playing field amongst ALL of us.

By following the 10 tips I’ve provided, you’ll be well on your way to developing an effective Reels strategy that will help grow your brand awareness, fan base, and drive sales or revenue over time.