Is it time for a little spring cleaning in your home? There’s nothing like purging excess stuff from our lives to make us feel lighter, more energized and more organized. With that in mind, here are ten things you can purge from your home this weekend!

1. Old Magazines – Magazines quickly pile up, especially if you have a subscription. Go through them and tear out any pages with recipes or ideas that you want to save. Then donate the magazines or recycle them.

2. Expired Coupons – Take some time to go through all of the coupons in your coupon box and purge any expired ones. It will free up some space and make it easier to find valid coupons when you need them.

3. Unused Electronics – We all have electronics we don’t use anymore taking up space in our homes. If they still work, consider donating them or selling them online or at a yard sale. If not, check with your local recycling center to see how they can be recycled safely and responsibly.

4. Duplicate Items – Do you have multiple sets of dishes, glasses or other household items? If so, keep one set and donate the others to someone who could really use them!

5. Old Kitchen Appliances – Have an old blender or crockpot sitting around collecting dust? Consider donating it or giving it away on a buy nothing a Facebook group instead of throwing it away!

6. Outdated Clothing & Shoes – Go through your closet and drawers and get rid of any clothing items that are out of style, no longer fit you, or that you haven’t worn in over a year. You could donate these items to charity or sell them online at an affordable price for someone else to enjoy!

7. Books You’ve Already Read – If there are books on your shelves that you already read years ago (or even recently), consider donating those books too! There are plenty of people who would love to read what you’ve already enjoyed!

8. Mismatched Socks – Socks tend to disappear over time so chances are there is a never-ending pile of unmatched socks lying around somewhere in your home! Take this opportunity this weekend to go through those piles and get rid of the single socks that don’t match anymore–you know they won’t ever find their partner now!

9. Broken Toys & Games – Kids love playing with toys but eventually those toys become broken either due to wear-and-tear or just plain old age so take some time this weekend to sort through toys your kids no longer play with and either donate them (if they still work) or just throw them away (if they don’t).

10 Old School Supplies -Are there boxes filled with old school supplies like pencils, erasers, ruler etc.? Those can be donated too as many schools accept donations throughout the year for students who may not be able to afford basic supplies themselves—it’s always better than throwing away perfectly good supplies anyways!

Cleaning out clutter is always therapeutic but also keep in mind that many items can be repurposed/reused/recycled instead of just being thrown away—so take some extra time this weekend while purging your home of unnecessary clutter and see if there’s anything you can do differently with the items before getting rid of them for good! Happy decluttering everyone!!